About Us

Goodwin Global Communications LLC (“GGC”) was founded by Scott Goodwin in 2012 to initially provide digital marketing and lead generation services to B2B and B2C companies around the country. Prior to that, Goodwin was active in the telecom and cloud/VoIP space so he fully understands the value of great marketing partners to help build brand awareness and generate high quality leads.

In 2019, GGC began offering Direct Mail Retargeting, a very effective way of retargeting recent visitors to your website with direct mail. And just recently, GGC partnered with a pioneer in the data entry to allow us to offer various targeted data sets to select industries.

Goodwin is a serial entrepreneur having founded multiple companies in the telecom, VoIP and digital marketing industries. He resides in Sarasota, Florida with Angie, his wife of 33 years and his beloved dogs Jersey and Finnegan who faithfully get long walks morning and night. His daughters Spenser and Halle are both active in the business keeping it a family affair!

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